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				<h2>Riffs Music Academy, Stockport has 
rapidly become one of the leading music 
education centres in the country...</h2>
				<p>Riffs Music Academy provides a wide range of <a href="#">music styles</a> including Blues, Rock, Pop, Jazz, Funk &amp; Metal. All our tutors are professionals &amp; are registered with the Registry of Guitar Tutors, the worlds foremost organisation for guitar education. We teach all levels from beginners to advanced so whether you choose Electric/Acoustic Guitar,Bass,Drums or Vocals your tuition will be of the highest standard.</p>

				<p>For those who wish to gain a qualification, Riffs offer two accredited syllabus, London College of Music and Rockschool, we are an examination centre for the north west with exams being held three times a year. In 2005 &amp; 2006 Riffs was award finalist in the RGT/LCM Tutor Awards based on exam results.</p>

				<p>Each studio is equipped with Line6 amps &amp; Yamaha guitars, we also have a waiting room equipped with Line6 pods with headphones for warming up &amp; a free pool table for warming down.</p>
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				<h3>Latest News...</h3>
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					<h4><a href="#">RGT Award Best Guitar School 2007</a></h4>
					<p>Winner &amp; UK's Number 1 Guitar School Is Riffs!</p>
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					<h4><a href="#">Music Exchange </a></h4>
by Music Exchange.</p>

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					<h4><a href="#">Summer 07 results...</a></h4>
					<p>Highest result Mark Crilly Grade 6 Bass... In excess of
50% attain distinction!</p>
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