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			    <p>919-399-6653 / 24 Hour Emergency Service</p>
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	    	<div class="certified">MICRO Lab Certified Inspectors and Remediators / IICRC Certified and IOT Certified</div>
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			    	<h1>Welcome to Bioclean Restoration, the Triad’s leader in mold removal and water damage repair.</h1>
			    	<p>When dealing with water damage and possible mold infestation, it is vitally important to choose the right company with the right professionals to handle your water damage restoration, mold testing and mold removal services. BIOCLEAN RESTORATION, Inc., has mold remediation technicians that provide proper removal, air treatment, containment, leak repair, disposal of contaminated building material, anti-fungal treatment and, if requested, the restoration of your property.</p>
			    	<a href="#" class="button">More</a>
	    		<a href="#" id="green-gorilla">Green Gorilla Services</a>
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			    	<h2><a href="#">carpet cleaning</a></h2>
			    	<p><a href="#">Click for details</a></p>
		    		<a href="#"><img src="img/feature-2.jpg" alt="water damage" width="293" height="183"></a>
			    	<h2><a href="#">water damage</a></h2>
			    	<p>What to do about damage &amp; repair</p>
		    		<a href="#"><img src="img/feature-1.jpg" alt="helpful prevention" width="293" height="183"></a>
			    	<h2><a href="#">helpful prevention</a></h2>
			    	<p>What you can do to protect your investment.</p>
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		    <span>CONTACT INFORMATION</span>
		    Bioclean Restoration Inc. / Mebane, NC 27302<br> (336)-792-0037  (919)-399-6653 
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			    <li><a href="#">copyright</a></li>      
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